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  1. To Michael Fay from a fellow Virginian coming to The Jack:

    I’m a retired NASA guy, living in Arlington, VA. I’m coming to Lynchburg with my good buddy, Lawrence Winkler (aka Wink) from Canada so we can “experience” The Jack – first time for both of us “amateur bbq’ers”, and a longtime goal.

    I wanted to “connect” with a Virginia team, and I see from your website that you will be competing – Congrats on being invited!

    Wink, an author amongst other talents, plans to write about The Jack, and I’ve bragged about the great BBQ we have in Virginia.

    We’ll be in Lynchburg that Friday & Saturday and if there’s any possibility Wink & I could touch base with someone from your team either day – without us getting in the way, of course! – we’d much appreciate it!


  2. Hello, is there room for 1 more for the class that’s coming up this weekend in Springfield?

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