After BBq’ing for nearly 20 years and being involved in all facets of competitive BBQ over the past several year I decided to take the plunge and give competitive BBQ a try. The whole goal of this endeavor is FUN. Meeting people, making new friend and experiencing new settings to cook in; oh,  winning is nice too and we hope to do some of that!

“The Beast”

We cook on a custom built twin oven trailer cooker made by Spicewine Ironworks affectionately known as “The Beast” . This cooker is one of only two of this model that Spicewine ever built (so far) and we are quite proud of her. She  garners her nickname from her ability to cook 72 whole pork butts at one time.


The business end of "The Beast"


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  1. When are going to post your 2017 cooking classes dates.

    1. Class schedule is posted for January & March

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