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Full Exposure Competition BBQ Class

Mike_sliceAnnouncing the Aporkalypse Now Competition BBQ Class.
January 24th – January 25th 2015

This class will cover the full gamut of KCBS style competition BBQ
using the system taught by Pitmaster Michael Fay.
This will be a full hands on,
tell all experience , nothing will be held back.
We’ll discuss all gamuts of competition BBQ from A to Z.
Students will trim, prep, cut, box
and sample all 4 of the KCBS meats.
Foundation + Recipes + Techniques = Winning!


  • Cost is $600 per student (spouse $150)
  • Location: Springfield Virginia
  • Full tell all class: Techniques, rubs, sauces, toys, boxes (no hold backs)
  • Hands on – everyone gets dirty!
  • Class begins at 11am on Saturday and will break for dinner about 5pm (depending on questions) 
  • Sunday the class will follow the complete KCBS timeline formally ending around 2:00 but Michael will stay until all questions are answered.
  • Yes it’s January but it’s historically been in the high 40’s that weekend. We will have a fully enclosed tent with heaters.

Sign up online or you can send a check payable to Michael Fay to

Aporkalypse Now Class
C/O Michael Fay
7416 Jervis Street
Springfield, VA 22151

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