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Knife Skills 101 class announcement

Knife Skills 101

Cut, slice, dice and work like a pro!

People have been asking so here it is – Knife skills 101 – Not just for BBQ.
Two classes are in the offering right now;

Brisket slicing
Brisket slicing

Join our award winning pitmaster Michael Fay for a 4 hour class on basic knife skills. While this is not a BBQ or BBQ competition class some BBQ specific techniques will be included.

The class will include demonstration and hands on instruction in:

  • Knife types and selection
  • Knife and cutting board use
  • Care and maintenance
  • Basic and advanced grips
  • Fundamental cuts for vegetables
    • mince
    • dice
    • brunoise
    • bâtonnet
    • julienne
  • Chicken butchery
  • large protein breaking techniques
  • Beef brisket fininshing

Class will run 4 hours and includes lunch.

Students are encouraged to bring their own knives but demo knives will be available.

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