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Fast out of the gate

Now that the dust of the first two weeks of the 2014 BBQ season is over the Aporkalypse Now Crew gets a two week rest before a 3 out of 4 week competition schedule in May. And what a 2 week opener it was.

We had planned a couple of practice cooks and tastings but the snowy winter / spring thwarted us at every turn, so a couple of blind tweeks here and there and we were off to the races.

We started with a new event in Southern Virginia, The Rockahock Pickin and Pullin Festival in Lanexa Virginia. This was held at the Rockahock campground and as such the cooks wanted for nothing; large sites; electric, water, and facilities and showers.

When the smoke cleared we were called for 3rd chicken, 20th ribs, 2nd pork and 1st brisket. Before announcing the overall winners they announced People’s choice and for the first time we were called as the People’s choice favorite. Back to the Overall winners and we claimed our first Grand Championship of 2014!

The very next weekend we attended another (sort of) new Competition  organized by long time friend and organizer Sandy Fulton: The Delaware Triple Threat at the Delaware State Fairgrounds in Harrington Delaware. This event had special meaning for us since we were the Grand Champion at Hogs and Hops at the same location back in September. With the unfortunate cancellation of the Middletown Delaware competition this year this meant that winning Triple Threat meant a free ride to the 2014 Jack Daniels World BBQ Championships in October.
Jack-2014-logoBut what a hill to climb. 109 of the best teams from around the country. 28 Grand Champions, 8 hungry Reserve Grand champions, 3 former Jack Daniels winners and not a weak team in the bunch; all looking for a 50/50 shot at the Jack.

The weather was perfect all weekend and our cook went smoothly. When the smoke cleared awards did not start off well for us, no chicken call. An 11th place rib call followed along with a 5th place pork call. Once again it all came down to brisket we’ve been there many times before. This time…….1st place brisket!! But was it enough? It was! Grand Champion for the second week in a row and a trip to Lynchburg Tennessee!
Triple_Threat_14_63Next up for is will be the Naptown BaybQ in Annapolis MD the 3rd and 4th of May followed by the BBQ Jamboree in Fredericksburg, VA the following weekend. Come out and say hi!

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