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Beltway Bake-off

Beltway BBQ Showdown, 5/31- 6/1

Hot, damm hot. All weekend long the temps hovered just south of 100 degrees but at least it wasn’t raining sideways 1 inch / hour like last year. You can always tell the Hobo teams at a comp, they’re the ones that look like someone pushed them in a pool from June – August. At least we all had our cool vented gear from Under Armor and Happy Chef  to help combat the heat.

I arrived early to a) Beat the heat and b) get the same spot we had last year  and had most of the Death Star set up before Don and Dennis arrived.  Turned out I didn’t really need to get there all that early since they only had 25 teams this year.

This is one of those contests that gets no love. It’s a pretty well run event, the reps are top notch, the money is good and the current facility is very nice yet they struggle to get teams year after year. Granted the communication from the organizer isn’t the best and it was a gypsy event for a couple of years but it’s really settled down into a good time.

Set up at Beltway
Set up at Beltway

After a late cook’s meeting and getting all set up to do the “buck-a-bone” extra ribs, we all turn in and were ready to go in the morning.


The MABA Shot
The MABA Shot

Our chicken seems to have fallen out of favor with the judges this year. Hillary tinkered with the recipes a bit after Middletown (yes, she’s been bitten by the bug) and we came out with our first 170+ in chicken this year with a score of 170.8572. Even with this score our chicken still finished out of the money with a 6th place call.

This week we changed up our box presentation a bit going back to what was working last year. I thought we had a good rib cook and most of the judges agreed except for 2. We ended up 8th with a score of 164.0000 for our second call.


Pork started out strong this year but has since been struggling, we eeked out an 11th finish with a score of  161.7142.

Butts ready to be pulled


Here we are again, we need a big brisket call. This was the first of our hand selected Creekstones. and we were very pleased, The judges, not so much; 15th place with a score of 156.5712. Clearly something is missing from our brisket

Our sliced Creekstone Brisket
Our sliced Creekstone Brisket

Our efforts rewarded us with our  forth top 10 finish in as many weeks with a 8th place overall and a score of 653.1426, 28 points off the pace against a tough field. We’re cooking good but for some reason we just can’t get over the hump. It’s time to make a left turn.






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