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Mayhem in Middletown

Middletown Delaware, 5/17 – 5/18
We finished 4th here last year and seeing how it’s an auto draw to the Jack Daniels Invitational you know we’d come back (winning the free entry at the MABA annual meeting didn’t hurt), as did everyone else, so here we are all spiffy and ready to go.

The Whole Aporkalypse Now Crew
The Whole Aporkalypse Now Crew

Moss and crew run a flawless event so setting up and getting ready to cook were painless.

The view from the Ferris Wheel
The overview from the Ferris Wheel

We were in the same spot from last year close to all the amenities and the judge’s tent. How close were we? Well….

Nice being right next to the Judge's tent
Nice being right next to the Judge’s tent

Before we get to the meat of the matter I want to extend a special thank you and welcome to the newest full time Aporkalypser – My wife Hillary. She’s tolerated these events for the past couple of years but has now decided to jump in with both feet and I’m looking forward to her contribution.

Hillary cranking out turn in boxes
Hillary cranking out turn in boxes

In an effort to boost our chicken score I decided to slightly alter our tried and true sauce recipe.  Sooner or later I’ll learn the “if it ain’t broke” rule. We came out with a score of 161.1428 and 14th place, not the best start.

We thought the ribs were pretty much spot on this week. I ran into some issues with curved bones so we ended up with what I thought wasn’t the best looking box. We ended up 9th with a score of 162.2856 for our first call of the day


Working the Ribs
Working the Ribs


Pork continues to be up and down this year and this event was the wrong week for the bottom of the sine curve. 19th placewith a score of  159.4286.

We haven’t had a brisket call all year and this time was no exception –  16th place with a score of 157.1430.

Our efforts rewarded us with our third top 10 finish in as many weeks with a 10th place overall and a score of 640.0000, 25 points off the pace against a tough field.

We seem to be sitting on the cusp of high finishes but just can’t quite get over the edge for some reason this year. We were all looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend off  then on to the Beltway BBQ Showdown in Ft. Washington, MD.


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