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Knocked around in Naptown

This was our first time at the Naptown Bar-B-Que and it’s a nice family friendly event held at the Ann Arundle  County Fairgrounds just outside of Annapolis. Work held me up a bit so the trailer didn’t roll in until after 4pm on Friday making us scramble a bit from the start. Even though it was May it was quite chilly overnight into Saturday morning.

Chilly Don at Naptown

After Salisbury we made a couple of small tweaks to the chicken but the results were almost the same; a score of 166.2856 which was only good for 15th place

Colleen Liked it!
Colleen Liked it!

We were pretty happy with our ribs in Salisbury so in the best definition of insanity we changed nothing and hoped for different results. We were rewarded with a score of 163.4286 and an 8th place walk.

8th Place Ribs
8th Place Ribs

We had nowhere to go but up after our 98th place pork in Salisbury. We won pork in Young Harris so we elected to view Salisbury as an anomaly and keep thing where they were. This turned out to be the right move as we scored a 164.5716 and our second walk with an 8th place award.

8th Place Pork
8th Place Pork

At this point we were hoping for a big brisket call to push us into the top 5 but alas, it was not to be. The judges clearly scoffed at our beefy effort with a score of 159.4282 good only for 21st place.

We ended up 9th overall out of 55 teams. Respectable, but clearly some things need to be adjusted.

The Next Day
If all this wasn’t enough we teamed up with Kit Rudd from Deguello BBQ to cook the judging class for 95 students. I was waxing a little nostalgic about missing the Big Apple BBQ this year but cooking for the judging class quickly cured me of that. Many thanks to my wife Hillary and the Nuse’s for helping out since we had every rack in The Beast full.

Next up up; Fredricksburg VA




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