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Slaughtered in Salisbury (almost drowned too)

“Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug” – Mark Knopfler

Before we get to the gruesome bits I’d like to thank and welcome our sponsors for 2013:

Wusthof Trident of North America and Creekstone Farms. They have been very generous with us in pursuing the BBQ trail and I thank them.


What can I say: It rained, the wind howled and blew and it was COLD. It was all we could do to keep the shelters up and ourselves warm but we managed. Overall we thought we had a pretty good cook. Many thanks to new Aporkalypse Now Team member Don Wooten and the reliable Todd Sessa who traveled all the way from Long Island.

Our chicken continued to perform well for us as we gathered a 9th overall for our one and only call.
9th_Chicken_Salisbury_2013We all decided that the ribs were some of the better ribs we’ve turned in. Most of the judges agreed except for 2; one who gave us a 7 in taste and the other who gave us a 9-4-4! No comment card was provided so we have no idea what this judge found objectionable.

After finishing 1st in pork in Youngharris, GA.
1st_pork_Young_harris_2013I thought the pork was pretty well dialed in. A lot of the pork boxing issues  from last year had been resolved and I was looking forward to a continued strong score from that category. Not  today. The judges clearly found it lacking and told us so in no uncertain terms – 98th place. Again no comment cards so we’ll proceed as normal this week in Annapolis and hope that this anomaly doesn’t become a trend.
We had a monster (non-Creekstone) brisket that looked good yet when we cut the finished product was strangely lacking in flavor and had a bit of an odd texture.  The judges wavered around a bit and we ended up 29th in a very close field. Now that our Creekstones have arrived I’m looking forward to having the best beef to start with.

Thanks to our 98th place pork we ended up a middle of the pack 43rd overall. Not the best beginning to 2013 in the Mid Atlantic but there’s nothing to do but push on to the next event in Annapolis MD. Hope to see some of you there!

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