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We’ve got 2,500 pounds of brisket,,,,,,,

48 hours to go, it’s dark outside and we’re cooking the Big Apple BBQ Block Party in New York City……

Welcome to the Big Apple BBQ

What a weekend. I got invited to go help Myron Mixon’s team Jack’s Old South vend this huge charity event in Madison Park in New Your City. My sometimes teammate and Jack’s Old South regular Dale and I headed up to NYC on Friday afternoon to join Myron, his Wife Faye, their son David and a few others for this pressure cooker event.

We were set up right on Madison Avenue in front of the landmark New York Life building and got to work right away.

Cooking brisket on Madison Avenue in NYC

We knew it was going to be a cruncher but we didn’t quite realize how much. Our spot was directly in front of a bus stop and the MTA wouldn’t let us load in until after 7pm, so we were under the gun from the get go. We did take advantage of the bus stop and stuffed it with most of our supplies and charcoal since the weather was threatening when was the last time you saw a bus stop full of charcoal in downtown Manhattan?

The stuffed bus stop

Myron had calculated that we could do 1250 pounds per day in the hog cooker so we loaded up day one – 1250 lbs translates into about 85 briskets. so we did a lot of rubbing, then loaded up the cooker.

1250 lbs on the cooker

12 hours later we had a cooker full of beefy goodness.

Done briskets ready to be cut

Now the fun could begin, all those briskets had to be trimmed, separated and sliced before they could be served, so away we went. Even with electric knives and two of us slicing in shifts, it still took 4 hours to cut them all down

Slicing Station

Then the crowds arrived…

Queing for Que

And kept coming

Still queing

and poof! it was gone, we sold out in 3 hours. Then it was time to clean up, set up and do it again Saturday night for the Sunday Crowd. All in all we cooked 2,500 pounds of Brisket and a pallet of peach baked beans. We estimate we served almost 10,000 plates in a little over 7 hours total. What a weekend. Hats off to Myron Mixon and his family and crew for making me welcome in his camp.

The most amusing thing over the weekend was all the people that mistook me for Myron, and the disappointed look and little sigh when I told them “I’m not Myron”. Here we are together just for comparison.

Me and Myron Mixon (Myron's on the right)


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